Stock in News: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Looking to Bring In Online Marketplace

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) is now looking to bring in an online marketplace for its users. The world’s largest social networking company is looking to make the most from its more than a billion long user base. As per the recent news related to Facebook, FB is now working on an online marketplace which would be helpful in empowering users to sell their stuff online to other interested users.

This seems like a credible concept which is hugely impacted by the fact that more than a billion users would be there to use such a platform.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at the plans that Facebook has for this online marketplace concept. According to the various market rumours it seems that this new project would be hugely beneficial for the FB users and should therefore be a huge hit among them.

Facebook Inc: Online Marketplace

Although the concept is not that novel, with sites like craiglist dominating the market for some time, Facebook has a lot of potential to do well in this. The trust factor among the buyers would hugely increase and the popularity of the medium is one huge benefit.

Facebook is planning to offer users the option of selling their products through various groups in which they can list their products and then advertise them so as to gain customers. This seems like a great approach, one which would be doable from the users point of view.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facbeook (NASDAQ FB) has been doing real well in the market off late, with the stock seeing a green patch in the past few months. According to various sources, while the growth in Facebook users have declined a little bit, Facebook is still growing and that is a positive sign. Especially in the developing countries. Also, the emergence of Instagram and the popularity of WhatsApp would only help Facebook in the long run.

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