Stock in News: How fast is Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Expanding?

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) seems to be on a hiring spree as of late. The social networking giant have been hiring in large numbers recently. Facebook have been looking to expand with their acquisitions and this hiring spree makes them look all the more determined. While most of the job openings are for advertising and sales, there are openings in a variety of fields, encompassing various verticals.

Facebook has put up 1,159 job openings on their official website. This only shows that Facebook is looking to expand and expand fast. They already have more than a billion users on their social networking website. Facebook also had a wonderful year of 2014. The acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram were hugely successful and would surely help the social networking giant in the coming days.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at what Facebook might be looking forward to in the coming days. The hiring spree of Facebook is also very impressive and it remains to be seen where the FB stock ends up in the coming months.

Facebook Inc: The FB Hiring Spree

Facebook has increased their staff by around 44% in the past year. The company is moving into new areas after dominating the social networking zone. Facebook is now looking to diversify, something which is also evident by their acquisitions and hiring.

Despite this increase in hiring, Facebook still stands as a lean organisation. They have a much smaller workforce as compared to the likes of Twitter and Apple. Even the likes of LinkedIn have a higher number of employees.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) has been having a good time on the stock market. The stock has been performing well and the stock holders would be fairly happy with the performance. How the stock performs in the coming days remains to be seen.

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