Stock in News: The Partnership of Google and Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR)

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) and Google (NASDAQ GOOG) are teaming up with each other in order to gain users on their respective platforms. According to the various news sources in the market, Google and Twitter would be teaming up in hte coming days so as to integrate tweets in Google search results. This would be a major step especially for Twitter, who has been looking to gain users for some while now.

Here in this article we will look at the Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) stock. It would be interesting to see how the stock has been performing in the market and also at how the stock might be performing in the coming days. The stock has certainly surprised more than a few and therefore it stands as an intriguing stock to say the least.

News on Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR)

Twitter has long been looking to add users on its platform. The micro bloging site has been way behind Facebook in terms of users and therefore they would be looking to gain some ground. In a bid to do the same, Twitter has allowed access to its live tweet stream to Google.

This live stream of Tweets would be integrable with the Google search results thereby providing users with a much more wholesome feature. Twitter has not allowed Google to do the same for a long time and therefore this is certainly a step in the forward direction for both the tech firms.

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) Business News

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) has been performing much better than what was expected from the micro bloging stock. The stock has been steadily rising in the recent months and despite fears, they have come up with a decent quarterly report. The stock would be looking to continue its maverick performance. Stay tuned for updates.

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