Stock in News: Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) Introducing New Interface For Desktop

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) has been a good social networking interface. However, it has repeatedly lost ground to Facebook in terms of users as well as revenue. It definitely ends up as a glorified runners up. It has since come up with a lot of changes and introduced a number of new features, which have tried to place Twitter above its near competition. Lately, Twitter has introduced a new web interface which they believe, would help in attracting users.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at the Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) stock. The stock has been bringing in a lot of changes in the recent past and it would be interesting to see how the stock might react to such changes.

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) has not been able to capture the imagination of the social networking users. It has fallen way behind Facebook (NASDAQ FB) in terms of user and revenue. Therefore off late, Twitter has concentrated its effort in increasing the number of users through various additional features.Here we take a look at one such newly added feature.

News on Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR)

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) have now introduced a new interface for their desktop users. This would be a major change from Twitter’s point of view. The new interface changes the search options mainly. In terms of search options, the new interface would be integrating additional filtering options, which would enhance the searching in Twitter.

The new search options would help the users in getting search results which would be categorized in terms of top and live tweets, accounts, photos and videos. This would help in giving the web interface a new rich feel. How it turns out exactly remains to be seen.

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) Business News

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) has been a good stock which has surprised more than a few in the market. The stock went up for more than the past few weeks. The stock posted good quarterly results and with rumours of a potential takeover, Twitter stock went further in the green. It would be interesting to see the stock performance in the coming days.

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