Microsoft Looking For No Email Attachments

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) wants to make things a little bit easier for it’s email users. The company’s Outlook Web App simplifies everything by allowing users to send links to attachments stored on OneDrive for Business.Microsoft thinks the process of attaching, opening, modifying, and re-sending documents takes too much time.

The new Outlook Web and OneDrive for Business apps will make sharing and collaborating that much easier. The linked file stored in the cloud can be accessed by multiple users at the same time. The interface for OWA also supports real-time co-authoring of documents. This includes linked and attached documents. This means several collaborators can work on a single single document together.

OWA was also enhanced with a side-by-side view that streamlines the entire collaboration project. The view also enables users to open attached/linked documents alongside the email. It also lets users modify and reply to documents within the email message on a single interface.

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The new features were launched yesterday. It also allows users to add documents links to emails even if the documents have not been stored in a cloud. Users who want to share local stored files will have to send it as a traditional attachment. Should a user opt for Share with OneDrive option, the files will be automatically uploaded to the user’s business account. It will also generate a link.

Another new feature involves feeding signals to Office Graph, it is a machine learning tool which discerns which content is most important to users then taking the insights and creating better productivity tools. Office Graph already offers Delve, a used Office 360 app which displays documents and trending information.

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OWA is just one of several subscription services for Microsoft Office 360 and Exchange Online. It is browser based but also includes enterprise features.

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