Boat Automation Marine Actuators

Boat Automation with Marine Actuators

Boat lovers realize automating boats with marine actuators can result in exciting experiences. As a result, it is important for them to identify important aspects in boat automation with linear actuators, because it will enable them acquire boats that are best suited to their lifestyles. Here are the most important things to keep in mind about boat automation with marine actuators. Durability It is undeniable … Continue reading Boat Automation with Marine Actuators

AutoNation Matches Consensus

AutoNation reported second-quarter results that matched consensus EPS expectations of $0.73 while revenue of $4.4 billion exceeded consensus expectation of $4.3 billion. Analysts  intend to raise the  fair value estimate to account for higher revenue growth and AutoNation capturing slightly more market share than we currently model in our five-year forecast period.  The results show that the U.S. auto recovery continues at a strong pace … Continue reading AutoNation Matches Consensus