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Improving Performance by Combining Laser Technologies

Laser technologies are commonly used to process a wide variety of materials into finished parts. According to Coherent, the most common industrial laser applications are “laser cutting and converting, laser welding, marking and engraving, surface treatment and rapid prototyping applications” (1). While many of these processes are carried out individually, it is possible to use them in conjunction with one another. Combining laser cutting technologies … Continue reading Improving Performance by Combining Laser Technologies

(NYSE:NQ) No Evidence Of Fraud found at NQ Mobile

(NYSE:NQ) The Investigation Team conducted a thorough review of cash reported on NQ Mobile’s financial statements and the Company’s cash transactions, which included the following procedures: obtained bank confirmations for the Company’s accounts through in-person visits and mail

Chinese mobile security software maker NQ Mobile said a special committee had found no evidence of fraud, as alleged by short-seller Muddy Waters Research Group. NQ Mobile also said the committee also found no evidence that the company’s revenues and cash balances were inconsistent with public disclosures. Muddy Waters called NQ Mobile a “massive fraud” in October, a charge NQ Mobile rejected as false.

NQ Mobile’s shares rose about 30 percent in premarket trading.

According to the auditors findings : “The Investigation Team determined that the Company’s cash balances were verifiable and consistent with public disclosures. … (ii) The Investigation Team did not find evidence that the Company’s revenues were inconsistent with public disclosures.”

Benedict commented on NQ Mobile’s activity since the Muddy Waters allegation, “We have seen fees drop off a bit from October to around early to mid April, then we saw fees surge again briefly.”. An independent committee investigating Muddy Waters’ allegations at NQ Mobile Inc (ADR) (NYSE:NQ) has found no evidence of fraud. Block says they continue to investigate NQ Mobile Inc (ADR) (NYSE:NQ) and that he doesn’t think the debate over the company will be over “until regulators step in or NQ’s shares go to zero.”

In the meantime, ChinaRock discloses that is has doubled its stake in NQ Mobile. Both short interest and utilization rose by about one percent on the news, according to Benedict. The utilization rate is now 92 percent.

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Tips to Reduce Office Costs

Many businesses are hoping to cut corners without sacrificing quality or office productivity. The necessity of reducing costs during shifting economic times seems to be an ever-present concern for businesses of any size. Savvy businesses realize that they can protect their bottom line simply by making some practical adjustments in their office settings. The following tips can help businesses save money on office costs without … Continue reading Tips to Reduce Office Costs