The Competition in Smartphone Operating System Segment for Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT)

The smartphone operating system market is currently dominated by two major giants namely, Google and Apple. Therefore it is not surprising that the name of Microsoft does not come up in any such discussions. Microsoft’s Windows Phone commands less than 10% of the OS market which is remarkably lower as compared to Android and iOS. But Microsoft have recently started turning things around.

Under new leadership, Microsoft looks destined to achieve bigger and better results, at least in the mobile category. Mobile and cloud seems to be the two things which Microsoft seems to be high on. As it turns out, Microsoft may well increase their market share in the coming days which would be a major boost for the NASDAQ MSFT stock holders.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at the market shares of the Windows phone and how these market shares may be affected in the coming days. It would also be intriguing to see the potential markets for the phone and also how the users might respond to coming changes by the company.

News on Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) Smartphones

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) is having a good share of market in two well populated countries, namely, USA and Australia. More importantly, the market for MSFT is increasing with time which is an encouraging sign for the phone. Microsoft claims around 10% share in Australia and half as much in America. Moreover these numbers have only increased with the launch of new Lumia phones.

The readings are not so positive in Europe and are downright disastrous in Asia. In Europe, apart from France and Germany, Windows phone has had a bad run in other European nations. In Asia, Microsoft has found a dwindling user base. The fact that Asia has such a big potential market, makes it even worse.

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For the Windows phone to do well, there is a huge need for the phone to do well in the Asian and European markets. These markets are sure to provide Microsoft with a much higher share, making it a good alternative to Android and iOS.

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