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McLaren Formula 1 F1

NTT Communications will provide network, cloud, data connectivity and other innovations to meet McLaren’s need for an IT communications platform that delivers optimum performance to support its Formula 1 race team.

McLaren-Honda and NTT Communications announce a 3 year partnership. Network, cloud, data connectivity and other high-tech innovations will push motorsport
boundaries. McLaren-Honda has been a pioneer for over 50 years in Formula 1. This partnership will underpin its new IT strategy which has a focus on cloud, mobility and people centric services, according to Ron Dennis, Chairman and CEO of the McLaren Technology Group.

McLaren needs a robust network across its globally distributed support and analysis locations including its headquarters, the McLaren Technology Centre, in Woking in the UK. NTT Communications will offer Wide Area Network (WAN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) services to McLaren across multiple countries including UK, Spain, US, Singapore and Japan. During race weekends, this network is critical to support the transmission of data in real-time from McLaren’s race cars to the company’s technology and engineering teams based in the UK. NTT Communications will combine the management of WAN and LAN (Local Area Network) services to provide a seamless and consistently managed network to increase the quality, resilience and availability of end to end ICT services.

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