Mobile Phone Accessories

A Look at Top Smartphone Accessories

Smartphones have had a major impact on all of us since they were first launched. Not only are they in vogue, but they are also one of the most efficient devices which we have on our hands right now. The Smartphone accessories are the ones which make the smartphones ever more important to us. Here we take a look at the top 4 such smart phone accessories.

Manufacturers have gone all out to load their phones with the latest and most powerful hardware available. They have even experimented with different form factors, and have more or less settled on the candy bar form with a touchscreen on top. There seems to be little to differentiate between the top phones available in the market today. With so little to choose between the versions, it generally boils down to the accessories which are being used by the smartphone users.

The following are 4 smartphone accessories which we intend to highlight in no particular order.

1. Oppo O-Click: Bluetooth Remote
Chinese mobile maker, Oppo, have made a very innovative discovery in O-Click, a Bluetooth accessory with some real cool features that comes along with the phone launched by Oppo. It can act as your remote camera shutter, so the next time you want to take a picture of yourself, there will be less of your arms and more of you in the photographs

You can string it along with your bunch of keys and never worry about losing them again, just tap on your device to locate them. It can also be used the other way round, just in case you can’t seem to find your phone, click on the O-Click and it will buzz your phone.

2.Sony DSC-QX100: Detachable smartphone camera lens
Smartphone cameras have really come of age, and today, sport some fantastic lenses. Truth be said though, as incredible as the images captured by these phones may be, they still are a far cry from images captured by a DSLR.

In reality, the QX100 is a standalone camera sans the viewfinder. Your smartphone acts as the viewfinder and the device connects to the phone either over NFC (if your phone supports it) or via Wi-Fi. It clips on to your smartphone and gives you manual focus options, just like a SLR. It also comes with superior optical zoom, up to 10x. Images look nice and crisp and are far more detailed than the ones taken from your smartphone.

3.TYLT VU: Wireless phone charger
These days, phones are more power hungry than ever, thanks to their superior processors and hardware. The alternative―wireless charging―makes charging your phone seem so much cooler! The TYLT VU is one such stylish charger with a cool form factor. Available in a variety of colors, the charger also acts as a stand for your phone so you can comfortably access your device as it charges. The VU is really fast and charges your phone from 10% to 100% in just under 2 hours.

4. Samsung Galaxy Gear: Smartwatch
How often has it happened that you get a notification on your phone while driving a car, and you just want to have a quick look at it without reaching out for your phone? Or imagine an important meeting, and you need to take a quick look at the message that you just received on your phone.
This smartwatch seems to be right out of one of the Bond movies, and apart from reading messages, it even allows you to make and receive phone calls, just like 007!

These are some of the most useful as well as cool accessories which would go well with your smartphone. With so many innovative products coming up in the segment, we can be sure to have more such accessories in the near future.