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The latest Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) operating system in news, Windows 9 may be set to hit the High Street in April, 2015 as Microsoft jettisons the discredited Windows 8. Windows 8 was widely criticized for removing some of its most familiar features, most notably the ‘Start’ menu, and it was only a matter of time before Microsoft disowned it and released a replacement. Thus, it’s not surprising that Windows 9 is already seemingly on the horizon, according to recent leaks.

Microsoft would be looking to have a successful launch of Windows. Aside from the malaise and criticism which Windows 8 experienced, their ‘next generation’ video games console the Xbox One, has been comfortably outsold by the Sony Playstation 4 all over the globe.

And Windows Phones haven’t established the prominent position in the marketplace which Microsoft hoped; indeed, the corporation recently announced that it was slashing the price of its smartphones. This makes the success of Windows 9 all the more important.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT): Windows 9

With regards to the features of Windows 9, leaks are already surfacing, and the latest screenshot obtained by various sources suggests that there are multiple versions of Windows 9 in the pipeline. Future versions of Windows and its companion software, Microsoft Office, would seem to include Windows 9, Windows 365, Windows Phone 9, Office 365 and Office Gemini.

Thus, Business Insider is reporting that Windows 9 is intended to fix many of the issues associated with Windows 8. Additionally, there will be a raft of new features are also planned. Unsurprisingly, Windows 9 is said to have more of a focus on cloud applications, and the most obvious cosmetic change to the operating system will be the inclusion of the voice operating system Cortana. This would bring Windows in line with its Xbox One cousin; with Microsoft having pushed voice operation included in the video games console very heavily.

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) Business News

This is a particularly critical time for Microsoft, given the general move towards cloud computing which is forcing the company to evolve its entire business model. When Microsoft recently appointed its first new CEO in nearly fifteen years, Satya Nadella, the emphasis was on how his background was going to enable Microsoft to change. The launch of Windows 9 may be his biggest test he faces in his time as CEO.

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