Top Movers: Yelp Files Complaint Against Google (NASDAQ GOOG) Search in Europe

Coming off case where Google (NASDAQ GOOG) eliminated critical blog post of big bank executive, Yelp says Google playing favorites in search results to benefit its own companies, partnerships against EU guidelines.

Among Google’s first moves after being required to delist certain “irrelevant” search results was to remove a posting critical of a large bank executive for his role in the 2008 mortgage derivatives crisis. Google is being charged with manipulating search results to favor its in-house products or affiliated partnerships.

Yelp’s CEO Jeremy Stoppelman formalized his complaints in a letter to European Commission president José Manuel Barroso. “I truly fear the landscape for innovation in Europe is infertile, and this is a direct result of the abuses Google has undertaken with its dominant position,” wrote Stoppelman, according to various reports.

Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) News: Yelp’s Complaint against Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG)

Yelp Inc (NYSE:YELP), a local services review site, has formally submitted a complaint against Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) search business to Brussels’ competition officials. This comes at a time when European Commission’s antitrust chief Joaquin Almunia moves to bring an end to a lengthy probe of the search giant by sealing a proposed settlement deal with Google, even as political pressure could be growing against that plan.

Yelp Inc (NASDAQ YELP) getting into the fray could add weight to complaints over Almuna’s current proposal, according to reports. Yelp is proposing that Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) must place links to three rivals‘ services whenever it promotes its own specialized search services, such as local search or shopping, areas where it competes with Yelp. Until the agreement becomes legally binding, Google wont indicate when it promotes its own services and thus cannot be tracked.

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Google Inc Financial News (NASDAQ GOOG)

While Google’s Europe search settlement may be nearing an end, Almunia’s office is currently looking into complaints about other aspects of its business, including objections to Android, its App Store, and YouTube. Such news of complaints by Yelp is not good for the Google stock (NASDAQ GOOG).

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