Apple (NASDAQ AAPL) Stock News: Apple Posts The Best Quarter in History

Apple (NASDAQ AAPL) is currently on a roll. The stock has been trading at all time high levels which is simply incredible. Apple broke the $120 levels in the recent times and has been trading comfortably above the $100 levels which were earlier seen as major levels. Apple also posted their recent Q4 earnings report and they have been spectacular as expected by most of the analysts.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at the Apple (NASDAQ AAPL) Stock performance. Also we will closely inspect the Apple Q4 Earning report which has been incredible and has taken the stock market by surprise. Apple looks as the most stable and growing stock out there currently.

Apple reported their first quarter report last week. This eagerly anticipated report from Apple, helped calm more than a few Apple Stock holders. The stock holders would be fairly happy with the way this stock has performed and would also be hoping for a consistent performance from NASDAQ AAPL stock.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ AAPL): Amazing Q4

Apple reported a quarterly revenue of a staggering $74.6 Billion which easily surpassed the expectations of the analysts. The earnings per share of Apple also increased by over 45% from last year’s levels. This is some real good performance from the Apple stock.

The major force behind this amazing performance remains the Apple iPhone 6 which was highly successful. Around 74.47 million Apple iPhone 6 models were sold which amounted to around 22% of Apple’s total revenue. Apple also sold its billionth iPhone in this quarter.

Apple Inc financial news (NASDAQ AAPL)

Apple has been performing very well in the market. The stock can only go higher with the company launching more products and being associated with positive news.

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