Best Performing China Tech Stock : SouFun (NYSE:SFUN)

SouFun is a famous real estate Internet portal in China. Soufun website is operated by SouFun Holdings Limited (NYSE:SFUN), a Chinese company listed on the NYSE stock market. SouFun also operates othe diversified websites in the home furnishing and home improvement verticals. Through SouFun’s Websites, the company is able to provide marketing, e-commerce, listing, and other value-added services for China’s real estate and home-related sectors.

SouFun’s Internet portal focuses and supports the Internet users in seeking information on the real estate and home-related sectors in China. A growing sector for the last decade in the Chinese Republic. SouFun maintains a full-range network of 100 offices to focus on local market needs throughout the country. Soufun (NYSE:SFUN) websites and databases contain real estate related content covering more than 320 cities in China. SouFun was founded in 1999.

The main website contains links to other specialized real estate and home furnishing and improvement Websites, including its website, its e-commerce transaction and payment platform etc…

In 2013, SouFun Holdings (NYSE:SFUN) sponsored ADR Class A from China has yielded a Total Return of 218,3% to its shareholders. SFUN is the best performing stock from China listed on the NYSE market.