Bitcoin News: Bitcoins Getting Unprecedented Investments

Bitcoins have long been a pipeline project. In fact, it can be argued that the market may start becoming restless and impatient with the new currency. However, in this quarter bitcoins have got some major backing in terms of monetary investments. According to the latest reports, Bitcoins has got an incredible amount of monetary backing from venture capitalists. Therefore it is no surprise that the number of Bitcoin startups have actually increased by some margin.

Here in this article, we will take a look at all the numbers which came up in the latest Q1 report and also how these numbers may effect the future of Bitcoins. It would also be intriguing to look at some of the most promising upcoming projects in the Bitcoin segment.

In the Q1 quarter alone, Bitcoin startups received $229m backing from the venture capitalists. This is a major record which shows the amount of confidence which the market has in Bitcoins. The total amount generated through venture capitalism stands at $676m. The amount reported in Q1 is almost double of that reported in Q4 quarter.

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According to various reports, two companies Coinbase and 21Inc got two big rounds of funding. The funding from venture capitalist for the two was of $112m and $76m respectively. These are some very impressive numbers which should help build the confidence of the whole segment.

Bitcoin prices have seen a lot of volatility in 2015. After plunging to levels below $200, Bitcoins have finally started to come back into reckoning and the prices seem to be much more stable now than they ever were in 2015.

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It would be intriguing to see the performance of Bitcoins in the coming months. The price volatility makes the whole issue even more interesting. But the investments mentioned in this article show that the whole concept does have backing, considerable backing.

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