Is there a Way To Overcome the Shortcomings of Bitcoin

Bitcoins have been regularly termed as a potent alternative currency. However, Bitcoin enthusiasts would not be particularly pleased with the apparent lack of regulation coupled with the price volatility. The recent news of bitcoin corruption and robbery does not make for a good image either. Plus, the price volatility of Bitcoins in 2015 does not help in attracting a lot of currency usage.

Here in this article, we will see if there is a way out for bitcoins. Can we still back Bitcoins as the best alternative to the currently used currency? What is in store for one of the most exciting and (once?) promising prospect. We will also look at some of the new areas which have started seeing the usage of Bitcoins.

Bitcoins have performed exceptionally well in the quarter which just passed by. The digital currency was able to attract a record backing from Venture Capitalists. Moreover the currency was able to find new areas of usage. The latest news regarding the use of Bitcoins was its inclusion as an alternative for donation in a presidential campaign in Kentucky.

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Bitcoin is a decentralized currency by definition. Therefore consider it a boon or a bust, but Bitcoin remains a currency which has no regulator. Unlike other modes of payment, Bitcoin transactions are non reversible. Bitcoins have been built upon this line of reasoning and therefore it is hard to see any changes being made in this particular direction.

However, it may not be wrong to desire systems which help in making Bitcoins safer to use in transactions. As it turns out there are companies out there which are striving to make this particular thing possible. Companies like Bitrated have come up with sophisticated models which they hope would provide a full proof solution to making bitcoins a safer place.

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Bitcoins remain an exciting “concept”. Whether we would ever be able to see the digital currency in its full flow remains to be seen.

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