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I love to talk about tech. But today, I am going to share a brand-new experience which brought back great memories for me: playing solitaire games on my computer. I used to play these games as they were included in my Windows OS. But while surfing on the internet, I came across The name says it all: the website focuses on classic card-based solitaire games. Players from all around the world can play them online, for free. They will find a collection of games across various categories (Puzzle Games, Word Games, Hidden Object Games, Mah-jong Games etc…).

Of course, is 100% free: let’s see what the experience is about!

Online Solitaire Card Games

I came across the website on my desktop (Chrome OS). makes a smooth first impression: hundreds of available games, SSL-certified security, fast loading times, intuitive UX, no ads, no pop-ups, and no premium charges to pay. That’s a good start.

The first game accessible on is Classic Solitaire, the one and only Windows solitaire card game you most certainly know. Playing it online and for free is easy here. Because the first deal is loaded instantly when you connect to the website. Don’t worry, if you do not like this deal, just click the “new” button to get another hand in a second. That is a helpful time-saver!

If you are looking for an instant dose of nostalgic gaming, you can play right away. The version allows to shuffle through the reserve pile an unlimited number of times. However, more expert players can use extensive features. These include limited number of passes, win loss ratio, undo button, off/on sound, turn 3 vs turn 1 play. Also, keep in mind that the gameplay statistics are stored in the web browser (not the website).

Tip: The Classic Solitaire game is a progressive web app, so you can play it offline.

(Although I did not test this feature)

A Variety of Classic Games

On, each game comes with its instructions on how to play. There are a comprehensive beginner guide and useful YouTube video tutorials. If you are like me, you like tech and history. So, you will also appreciate the interesting data and historical facts displayed on each game presentation page. Great research from the games’ developers! Did you know that solitaire card games were invented in the 1700s in the French high society?

On top of the classic solitaire, I enjoyed some of the hidden object games. They are a free-to-play too. But the website offers hundreds of different games to choose from, in one click: Logic Puzzles, Cross Words, Battleships, Puzzle Games, Classic Hearts, Blackjack, Mah-jong, Candy Fiesta, Zumba Ball and many other card games… So, if you want to play with the whole family, is a terrific way to keep everybody’s mind busy. These are the kind of games you may not have played since you were a kid. But, trust me, everything will come back to you in a second and you will be able to win and watch you progress in minutes (or hours…).

Online solitaire games might not be as popular as they used to be, but there is nothing wrong with a little dose of nostalgic indulgence. Wherever you can connect, on your mobile, laptop or desktop, is an easy destination to break boredom and enjoy the next few minutes.