Portable Video Conferencing

Portable Video Conferencing: An Indepth Look

The Internet is moving faster than ever – and it has become a huge part of our daily lives. Ten years ago, it was mostly used on laptops and personal computers, but today studies show that the number of people acquiring mobile devices (such as smartphones, for example) is getting higher with each day.

Under these circumstances, portable video conferencing has become a great need for any kind of company that wants to run its business as smoothly as possible. Modern video conferencing can provide businesses exactly that: portable video conferencing that moves across boundaries and offers the quality needed to communicate efficiently with business partners and/or clients regardless of where in the world they are.

Providing Mobility

The world out there is in continuous movement. Every day, people “migrate” from one country to another – either permanently or simply for a short period of time. Either ways, maintaining business communications open with the people back home and with the people who live in other countries that are essential for business is extremely important.

If businesses have been searching for portable video conferencing solutions that go way beyond “normal” instant messages and video chats, there are systems that will provide them with that. Keep in mind the fact that systems such as Blue Jeans operate exclusively in the cloud and that this can provide tremendous benefits. One of them is related to the fact that businesses don’t need to install any kind of hardware or software (as they would in other cases where they would need hardware MCU. Using this type of portable video conferencing solution is as simple as opening a browser or an app – it will be fast, hassle-free, and it will always provide the quality truly needed.

Modern video conferencing solutions work perfectly both on browsers and various mobile devices and operating systems. These days, almost any person out there can gain access to such communication solutions. For this reason, developers have built these video conferencing systems in a way that allows them to run smoothly on a variety of types of device (mobile or not) and on a great range of operating systems as well. You can use a video conference solution on computers, on tablets and on smartphones as well – and it will always provide the same service quality. There is absolutely no need to worry about anything else than simply using a video conferencing solution whenever it’s needed to hold a video conference.

HD Content Sharing for a Successful Conference

Every detail matters – and when businesses want to share content with business partners and/or clients, they really want to make sure they do see all the details that make the big difference. With systems such as Blue Jeans video conferencing, businesses can share content with conference partners and every single one of them will be able to see it in High Definition quality – so no detail is “missed”.

Sharing some marketing slides in HD may not seem like a lot – but imagine the image they will create around themselves and their company and you will understand why it is actually very important. Imagine the message you will send across to your video conference partners and imagine how they will perceive these businesses!

Modern Systems Go Beyond Video Conferences

Aside from the actual portable video conferencing, there is also a wide range of tools to help clients have successful video conferences that actually communicate the right message. For instance, a good video conferencing system will allow you to share videos with your conference partners – and they will all see it at the same time, regardless of the platform they use. In other words, your conference will flow just as smoothly as if you would have held it “offline” – and for every single participant it will have the same quality.

Furthermore, if you want to record your meetings for further use, you can do this as well. A modern video conferencing system will allow you to record your meetings in the highest quality there is – so that nothing is “lost in translation” and so that you can archive your conferences properly.

Easy to Use

As mentioned before, modern video conferencing solutions are extremely easy to use. You don’t have to install anything – not even software. You will simply have to create an account with your provider and log in every time you want to hold a video conference. Aside from that, you will only need video-enabled device and a fairly decent Internet access.

Nothing more than these three things! With a good webcam, a good Internet connection and an account created on our website, businesses can reap all the benefits of a good mobile video conferencing solution!