Stock in Action: A Reaction to Google’s (NASDAQ GOOG) Mixed Earnings Result

Google was expected to send out a strong Q4 earnings report which should have been a big positive for the GOOG stock. However, Google came out with an earnings report which has been a major talking point in the stock market. The Google (NASDAQ GOOG) stock also responded unfavourably after the report came out, with the stock price going down by around 2%. This is certainly not a news which Google fans were looking for.

Here in this article, we will take a look at the earnings report from Google. Also, we will look at the implications that the report may have on the stock in the coming days. It certainly does look like Google may have to suffer a little due to the earnings report. But they would be looking to overturn their fortunes in the coming days with the various releases that they are currently planning.

Google posted earnings of $6.88 per share. This was on a revenue of $18.1 Billion. Although it is a 15% increase which is a good showing, it is a big miss on the expected revenues which were around $7.12 per share. The analysts were expecting a much better showing from the search engine giants.

Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) News: Mixed Reviews

For the year, Google reported an earnings of $66 billion which is a great number for sure. The reported earnings have increased by around 19%. The posted report also takes into consideration the discontinuation in the operations of Motorola division. Google sold Motorola division to Lenovo group back in October of last year.

Google continues to see an increase in revenue from outside of the US. The search engine giant reportedly gets over 56% of its revenues from outside of the US. Google has also reported an increase in the amount of clicks and traffic on the website.

Google Inc Financial News (NASDAQ GOOG)

Google looked in great shape before posting their earnings report which has really taken back the stock growth recently. They would be hoping to come out of the recent slump as quickly as possible.

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