Stock in News: Apple (NASDAQ AAPL) On The Verge Of Buying Yelp

Apple (NASDAQ AAPL) may well be on the verge of buying Yelp. While Yelp has been associated with a myriad of companies, some analysts claim that Apple would be best off with the deal, though it may not happen in the near future. Yelp has been trading at very low levels, almost at half the levels which it was trading at some time ago. This proposed acquisition helped the stock move a little into the green.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at this rumoured acquisition. It would be interesting to look at the possible repercussions which might occur for Apple and Yelp. While both the companies would be better off with the deal, it would be interesting to look at the various possible scenarios which might well occur.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ AAPL): Yelp

Yelp has long been associated with a number of companies for a possible acquisition. The company has been successful in local marketing and is therefore considered as one of the few start-ups which might well be worth the money. Few companies have been successful enough in the given segment. However on a global level, Yelp has definitely faltered.

Different analysts have different nominations for the company which might takeover Yelp. Names of Yahoo, Google and Microsoft have come into picture along with Apple. However, strong rumours surrounding Apple’s potential move come into picture. It would be interesting to see if it does happen in the end.

Apple Inc financial news (NASDAQ AAPL)

Apple (NASDAQ AAPL) has probably become the top performing stock in 2015. It has been performing at the high levels of $125 and it is still expected to rise onto even higher levels. It would not come as a surprise if the stock reaches those levels or if even surpasses them. Stay tuned to technews for more updates.

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