Stock in News: Google (NASDAQ GOOG) To Acquire Twitter?

According to various speculations in the market, Google (NASDAQ GOOG) may be on the verge of acquiring the popular social networking site, Twitter. While this acquisition news from Google has been doing rounds for years now, the potential of such a deal is massive indeed. This could have a huge effect on the market for both Google and Twitter stocks. Twitter stock already say a small peak in the middle of last week due to these speculations.

It has been some time since these speculations first surfaced around in the news. Around 5 years ago,when Twitter went public, many commented that the messaging platform may get acquired by the search engine giants. However, a deal could not be reached back then.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at what such a potential deal might do to the stock holders of Google and Twitter. It would be interesting to see how these stocks reacts while these speculations are getting circulated in the market. This is certainly an exciting time to be an investor in these stocks.

Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) News: Major Deal in the tunnel

Facebook has been catching Google up for some time now. In terms of ad revenues on mobile and desktop, Facebook has been covering lots of ground. In mobile advertising Facebook now has around 20% of market share which was once single handedly dominated by Google. Google still has around 44% but the number is decreasing with time.

Twitter is not finding the going easy either. The social networking site which once gave good competition to Facebook has now been struggling against the likes of Facebook’s Instagram. Google may do itself and Twitter a favour if this deal does go through. While twitter does not have a high enough revenue, it makes up for it through the user count that it has.

Google Inc Financial News (NASDAQ GOOG)

Google (NASDAQ GOOG) heads into the Q4 confidently. Most analysts have predicted a good showing and therefore the stock holders would be hoping for a good end to their financial year.

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