Stock in News: Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) Earnings Get Leaked

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) Earnings got leaked more than 30 minutes early on Tuesday last week. The earnings were scheduled to release at the end of the working day but instead got released more than half an hour early. This in turn had an effect on the stock performance in the closing stages and Twitter had every right to be angry with the way their earnings went out in the public.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at the Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) stock. It would also give us a better view of the performance of the Twitter stock. The stock remains a good buy despite the analysts not rating the stock highly.

We will also take a look at the reasons behind this reported leak and how it might have an effect on the Twitter stock in the long run. It would all be very interesting ,with the stock showing some very good growth in the previous quarters. Twitter also remains a top tech company.

News on Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR)

Twitter has gone onto blame NASDAQ for this reported leak. They have claimed that they had given clear instructions to NASDAQ, to release the reports only after the close of the markets. In NASDAQ’s defence, this certainly stands out to be an irregularity and they have stood up and taken the blame.

NASDAQ reported to Bloomberg that the reports were indeed shown on their website and Twitter also said that the reports were genuine and it was not a hack. The reports come straight from Twitter’s investor relations page, as tweeted by the relevant personnel.

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) Business News

As it stands currently, Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) does look over priced. The stock has benefited from a rumoured take over attempt from Google and a good quarter report. Many believe that this is all that the stock holders could have asked for from the stock. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Twitter stock.

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