Stock News: NASDAQ Acknowledges Its Mistake In Releasing Twitter’s Earnings Ahead of Time

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) got involved in a situation which few want to be in. The company got its earnings report leaked in the market. The reports which were bound to go public at the close of the markets, got released around half an hour early. This disrupted the stock’s performance. NASDAQ has acknowledged this release of the earnings’ report.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at the Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) stock. We will also be closely looking at this reported leak which took place last week and its effect on the stock’s fortuned. It would be intriguing to see the reason behind this release and the impact which it might have.

Twitter has had a good run in the past couple of months. The micro bloging site has not been backed by many to perform well. In fact many think that Twitter lacks a good user base. Twitter has proved many wrong with their recent showings. The latest quarterly report was a huge success. The stock also benefited from the speculations of a takeover from Google.

News on Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR)

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) was at the bad end of their luck spectrum when their earnings report got released by NASDAQ, some 35 minutes before the scheduled release at the end of the working day. The stock responded accordingly to the news and the release.

NSADAQ acknowledged the flaw a day later when it said that the earnings were released inadvertently and they had no intention of releasing the reports before the scheduled close of markets. The reports were released on their website shareholder.com.

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) Business News

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) remains a decent buy in the current market conditions. The stock has been performing way too well, much better than what many expected. The micro bloging site may be looking a little over priced at the moment, but it may yet surprise us all. Stay tuned for further updates.

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