Stock in News: Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) Facing Lawsuit for Gender Discrimination

According to market reports, Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) is facing class action lawsuit for Gender Discrimination. The Micro Blogging site is in the news, but not in the manner they would have been hoping for. A former employee has raised this case, where she claims that policies in Twitter favour men over women. Software firms have had problems in this very area, in the past. Twitter would now face legal action which might adversely affect the TWTR stock as well.

In this article, we will take a closer look at this legal battle and also look at what it might mean for all the parties involved. It would be intriguing to see how the stock reacts to this news. We will also look at some of the other companies which have battled similar legal cases in the past.

On Thursday last week, former Twitter employee Tina Huang filed a class action lawsuit against her former employers. She claims that policies related to promotions in Twitter are unlawfully tilted towards men and thus biased against women. She claims that this hinders women empowerment in Twitter.

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Tina claims that Twitter has a rather lame promotion policy which she termed as “Black Box type”. She says that employees are informed about the vacant positions through shoulder taps. She says that the upper echelon of Twitter is rather male dominated and hence promotions are generally offered to the other gender type.

Twitter posted surprisingly strong results in their recent quarters. They are currently looking to gain more users and generate more revenue through ads. Most of their recent efforts have been in the same direction. This news should not be causing any major hindrance to the above mentioned Twitter aims.

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Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) has not been doing badly at the stock market, however they have lost a lot of pace to the likes of Facebook. Other new upcoming social networking sites are also growing at a much better pace.

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