Stock in News: Would Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Acquire

For the past few weeks, Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) have been linked with an acquisition of As it turns out, we are yet unclear if the deal would eventually go through. The cloud computing company Salesforce, was said to be a great addition to the new looking Microsoft which has cloud as a major agenda.

Here in this article, we will look closely at the possibility of a deal between the software giants Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) and the cloud computing company It would be interesting to consider the impact which such a deal might have on the market. Also, we will take a quick look at the windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft have been rumoured to be interested in the company. The stock market has been full of speculation about a potential move from Microsoft for about a couple of weeks. However, with the latest stock market reports, it does not seem likely that the software giants would go for such an investment. Here we look into the matter in detail.

News on Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT)

According to the most recent reports from the market, Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) are not looking to buy Salesforce. The reports go on to say that the software giants consider the company’s market valuation to be expensive and therefore the deal may not give the return on investment to Microsoft.

Microsoft have recently announced that their latest version of Windows would in fact also be the last version of Windows. This is a staggering news which was unexpected to say the least. However, Microsoft have been doing a great job in building the Windows 10 operating system. They have made a lot of changes and the new OS would be compatible with most major platforms.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) Business News

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) stock was up by more than a dollar at around the $47 levels. The stock continues to be performing at similar levels, below its recent high of $50. However, with the potential acquisition of Salesforce and the release of Windows 10 in the pipeline, we may well see the stock climb higher. Stay tuned for updates.

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