Technology and the Future of the Auto Industry

For the auto industry, the conveyor belt was among the first big leaps in technology that changed driving forever. Adding this device to the assembly line allowed Ford to bring down costs significantly and make the Model T affordable to the average person. Other major leaps have been made since then, but perhaps none as game-changing as the changes brought by the information age. As … Continue reading Technology and the Future of the Auto Industry

Laser Technologies

Improving Performance by Combining Laser Technologies

Laser technologies are commonly used to process a wide variety of materials into finished parts. According to Coherent, the most common industrial laser applications are “laser cutting and converting, laser welding, marking and engraving, surface treatment and rapid prototyping applications” (1). While many of these processes are carried out individually, it is possible to use them in conjunction with one another. Combining laser cutting technologies … Continue reading Improving Performance by Combining Laser Technologies

ALV Stronger Than Predicted

Autoliv reported stronger than expected second-quarter earnings per share of $1.48, besting the Street consensus by $0.10 and $0.09 higher than the year-ago $1.39 EPS. Owing to an anemic European new car market, analysts were also expecting Autoliv to report flattish earnings for the quarter. The company’s like-for-like European revenue increased by 4% compared with a 4% decline in new car registrations. Management also raised … Continue reading ALV Stronger Than Predicted