Can Your Business Grow and Still Be Environmentally Sustainable?

When discussing the topic of climate change, it’s not uncommon to hear that most of the problematic emissions come from certain industries, governments or businesses. As much as the individual might want to change their lifestyle to lessen their negative impact on the environment, there might not be much that they can contribute in comparison to these conglomerates.

So, if you’re in the position of being behind a business, you might wonder about what you can do about this. First of all, though, doesn’t your desire to grow and succeed as a business inherently clash with this desire to lessen the impact that your business has on the environment?

Seeking Out Solutions

First of all, it’s important to realize that you’re not alone in this ambition of yours – meaning that there could already be some possible routes available to you. Sometimes, the action that you take doesn’t even have to be inherently environmental. For example, many businesses will need to enlist the help of a shipping service in order to get their products where they need to be – if this is the case for you, you might simply engineer your search so that you’re aligning your professional interests with services that offer a more sustainable approach, achieving two goals at the same time.

Getting Specific About Your Goals

Speaking in broad gestures about how you want to make changes to certain areas is all well and good, and it might even work to endear some audience members over to your corner, but you might struggle to take it further without getting specific. If you’re serious about making a change, then you might want to establish an actual route towards those goals; it might be that what you have most control over in an environmental sense is your own output of harmful emissions, potentially making your goal one that tries to keep these as low as possible.

Alternatively, you might follow a route that other businesses have taken in the past, where you look to plant trees or take other action that could counter an issue such as deforestation.


Using your position to actively campaign for change is also an option that you have. While the power of protest is one that’s open to the public in many parts of the world, the actual difference that this can be perceived as making might not be as much compared to those with more money to work with. You could even use this campaigning platform to encourage more peaceful protesting from those who agree with you – uniting the power that you have from your professional position with the democratic power of the citizens.

More often than not, however, you might find that the path you take is less about deciding on one particular route, and more about combining multiple approaches in a way that makes sense to you. After all, if you achieve the goals that you previously established, marketing this aspect and gaining popular attention could be seen as a form of campaigning in itself.