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Yii : a Modern PHP Framework For a Successful Website

PHP offers a wide number of good frameworks, and Yii is among them. This high- performance, open -source framework is used for web application development. Yii which is an acronym for “Yes It Is” was written in PHP5. It guarantees quick development and offers clean, DRY design. In other words, it can significantly decrease development time. Web developers use Yii to simplify the application development. … Continue reading Yii : a Modern PHP Framework For a Successful Website

IT Outsourcing to Ukraine

Many companies have been choosing Ukraine as their primary location for outsourcing, as Ukrainian software developers continue to demonstrate their professionalism and trustworthiness. There are many advantages why Ukraine is the country of choice for software outsourcing in Europe. First and foremost, due to an abundance of skilled and well-educated IT specialists Ukraine is one of the top 10 counties with the largest number of … Continue reading IT Outsourcing to Ukraine

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Amazing Smartphone Accessories to Use in Classrooms

Smartphones have had a major impact on all of us since they were first launched, and using Smartphones in the Classroom seems to be a certain win-win for both the students as well as the teacher. Here is our guide to top smartphone accessories and how to use their technologies for classroom education. Smartphones make a strong case for a device which is technologically superior, … Continue reading Amazing Smartphone Accessories to Use in Classrooms

The Best Smartphones for Gaming

Mobile phones have become one of the most sought-after gadgets on the market, with an estimated one in four people worldwide now owning their very own smartphone. Many thousands queued outside Apple stores in anticipation of the iPhone 6 release, illustrating just how popular and important smartphone handsets have become. Although they were originally invented to allow users to be contactable in public areas through … Continue reading The Best Smartphones for Gaming

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Increased Security Measures for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has really changed the way that businesses are conducting their practices. This type of computing offers a number of economic and operational benefits, which has proven to increase function and efficiency. However, though cloud computing does offer a tremendous amount of benefits, it does raise questions regarding security. With AWS security, if you use cloud computing for your business, you can make sure … Continue reading Increased Security Measures for Cloud Computing