Free Math Games with

For back to school or throughout the year, educational activities are an essential brick to offer children. This is my vision of things and for this, video games are a significant help. I recently came across which has dozens of math games, logic games, board games and more. Here are a few that caught my attention (oh, I forgot: it’s a lot of fun and it’s 100% free).

Classic Educational Board Games

I love playing good old board games with my children. This is often a fantastic opportunity to introduce them to games that marked my childhood, hoping that in turn they to forge memories of the good times spent playing. Plus, I always keep in mind that these are excellent learning games. I’m amazed how easily board games grab my children’s attention while helping them developing cognitive skills. offers many of timeless board games such as Uno, Connect Four, Etch-a-Sketch, Battleship War, Checkers… The kind of great timeless games that benefit from their online adaptation, whether on the road or at home. In one click, you can start playing with your children and get a fun dose of nostalgic gaming. There is even an online version of the classic kid game 3D Rubik’s Cube!

The website is easy to use, and it checks all the essential features you want to find on a website for children: SSL-certified security, fast loading times, intuitive UX, no sign-up, no ads, no fraud, no pop-ups, and no premium extra- features to pay. That’s an excellent first impression.

For younger children (or even preschoolers), there are also classic board games like puzzles, alphabet, and memory matching games. For their age and ability, these fun activities are great tools to introduce them to mathematical concepts and problem solving.

A Variety of Math and Logic Games

On top of classic board games, offers access to various online math games. So, if you’re looking for informative, enjoyable et quick games, you’ll find everything you need on this section of the website. For each game, the difficulty is stated from 1 to 10, which makes choosing the right level for your child a snap.

Also, for younger children, the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division can be learned with simple games like Math Boy, Sinal Game, Maths Test, Math Speed, ​​and Educational Math 4 Kids (if you had to try only one game, I would recommend that one, which offers a lot of options and variations).

My son loved playing Grocery Cashier, where he had a chance to become the cashier of a grocery store. Against the clock, you must add all items up and give the exact amount of change: an excellent game to develop practical day-to-day skills. Yet, Zombie Number is another smart choice, which looks like a time-based video game with great graphics.

So, if you want to spend time playing classic board games with the whole family, or if you want to use online games to teach maths to your younger one, now you know where to go.