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Big Data & Healthcare : a Revolution

As one of the biggest healthcare trends, Big Data is currently making rounds in the news. With the technology evolving faster than ever in the healthcare industry, companies in the sector have to deal with big data. In the latest issue of HP Matter, an online publication where some of the brightest minds in healthcare share their perspectives on technological changes, Big Data has been identified as a massive technological shift – together with mobility, security and cloud computing. Let’s have a look at the relationship between Big Data and the healthcare industry.

Healthcare is evolving fast, and big data is unlocking new possibilities for hospitals, researchers, doctors and patients. With the data being so important in this industry, it is also important for healthcare companies to have a secure data usage model. Breaches in terms of security can be very lethal, as the data deals with the health of patients. Any kind of tampering can lead to major complications.

Payment details are also very important to deal with. Such details have increased considerably over time with the correlated development of technology and healthcare. Therefore, hospitals around the world are finding it hard to deal with the tracking of such information. With an increase in the amount of spendings on healthcare, more sophisticated instruments are being introduced in the market.

Such instruments themselves require data collection and analysis techniques which can happen only through Big Data. As a reminder, Big Data is the collection and analysis of large data sets. These data sets are so large that they cannot be processed through normal data processing applications and hence have to be analysed as Big Data. Not surprisingly, Big Data has already found a lot of applications in various sectors, and has become a proeminent trend in the healthcare industry.

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How much the industry actually benefits remains to be seen: what are your thoughts on the Big Data trends in healthcare ?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HP Matter for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

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